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Marilou Dejans (1997, Luxembourg) is a Belgian artist working and living Granada. She studied Painting at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, Education in Visual Arts at Luca School of Arts in Brussels and has later been working in visual arts, theatre and teaching.

Her practice is based on actions via the experience of the present moment. It creates honest communication without pre-conceptualized intentions-an organic and natural rhythm forms, resembling ecosystems: growth and regeneration.



As she is mesmerized by the communication of ecosystems, there is a question of survival through altruism or egoism. Different species of trees nurture each other while others, like the walnut and orchid, suck the life juices from the fungi network that connects the whole forest. The question of survival is also perhaps one of good and evil. A moral dilemma not only found in humanity but in nature.

Her work is like a gray twilight zone before the catastrophe hits. In this photograph, she shows a piece of landscape where the texture of the dry rock is further emphasized by the contrast of the fabric that almost masquerade as shimmering water on the rock, starving for this touch.

(Tekst: Seppe De Roo)


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