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Montreal photographer Max Hart Barnwell has been experimenting and honing his practice for more than a decade. His studies in photography started at Champlain College in 2008. This is where he was introduced to 35mm film and traditional darkroom practices. He then pursued a BFA in photography at Concordia University. Greatly inspired by the traditions of documentary and street photography, his work is rooted in traveling and being in touch with different cultures, places and things. By revealing overlooked details, singular characters and juxtapositions found in everyday life, he aims to underline our unique differences and shed light on our shared universality.

Today, MHB embraces his commitment to 35mm photography as a tool to observe, share and better understand the unique particularities of our time. He is currently completing two art residencies in Buenos Aires, deepening his practice and creating new bodies of work while also further developing his ongoing international participatory art project titled TAKE A PICTURE. | @maxhartbarnwell | @tap.takeapicture


Take A Picture is an international photographic art project that is fueled by public interaction and engagement. Throughout my travels since 2018, I have been installing disposable 35mm cameras in public spaces allowing anyone who stumbles across the installation to Take A Picture. I then collect, develop and share the contributed results on socials, my website and ultimately as an exhibition. Touching upon a variety of themes such as local culture and community, the trend of “the selfie” and analog photography as a tool for communication, the results are candid and speak about the willingness to collaborate in a visual dialogue. The project’s goal is to gather photographs from various neighborhoods, cities and countries underlining their unique perspectives while also revealing our shared humanity. As of today, TAP has taken place in over 11 international destinations across five continents, collecting thousands of contributed photographs from around the world.

The featured artwork titled, Peace, Love, Joy 2023 is a compilation collage of photographs taken from each edition spanning from Japan, Australia, Italy, France, Argentina, Canada and the United States. It is a testimony to peace, love and joy which have organically become central themes to the project.


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