My name is Noura Marien and I’m a student illustration at Sint Lucas Antwerp.

I tend to draw from a need for self-expression in my illustrations, be it explicit or implied. My passion is narrative illustration and self-publishing zines, flipbooks and other types of publications. Reoccurring themes in my work may include but are not limited to performance, regret, confidence and finding solace in companionship.

I am still exploring my practice, but using raw textures like graphite, inks and girthy materials in conjunction with RISO printing is my most recent fixation.



This illustration depicts how being in touch with oneself is the foundation of any genuine connection. One has to break out of their own bubble of judgement and fear to reach out for meaningful experiences.

The limitations we place on ourselves could have to do with many sociocultural factors and differ from person to person. That is why it is crucial to assertively choose to analyse why we are wired to think what we think.

Learning about oneself is done in conjunction with genuine human connections and can also be explored through art.


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