Nuo Chen (1998, Lishui, China) is studying for a Master’s degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (BE) and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Shih Chien University (TWN).

Nuo is interested in politics and bodily sensations. She imagined a “humaniod” creature living in the space in between. Her work mainly uses three media (machinery, fabric, and body) to explore the “in-between space” and “in between people” that leads to daily fragility. She has performed in Taipei (TWN), Tokyo (JP), and Antwerp (BE).

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The work mainly consists of headgear with a built-in knitting machine. The performer walks along the woven fabric inside the headgear and creates a long fabric by moving.

This headgear is my self-portrait. When I put on the headgear to perform, my eyes are dark. My body seems to be somewhere else. I use my feet to step on the continuously woven thread, feeling the endless time. I am always squatting or walking.

While building this self-portrait, I established a fictitious relationship with this headgear. I dissolve myself in the headgear and enter the utopia of my body, while others strengthen their recognition of me because of the vital characteris- tics of this headgear. My identity is here. I am uncertain amidst this contradic- tion, whereby my identity is in a perpetual search, following a process of infinite transformation. (an inquiry into an ontology of self-construction).


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