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Quinten Clause (°1983) paints the imaginary places from his dream world in a minimalist and direct style. Figuration and abstraction are often intertwined. Due to his background in web design and video games, he sometimes uses forms or compositions that come from the world of digital imaging and cannot always be traced back to painting. (Project Index) (Web Games en Blog) (Instagram) (


The work Hoog Huis or High House depicts a landscape in bright colors. In the background are some pink clouds and mountains shaped like women figures. In the foreground are a couple of houses with smoke pillars coming from their chimneys that seem to be blown in all directions by the wind.

Central in the picture is a yellow container house, which is resting high above the ground on four thin legs. There is a small window in the house and a ladder to climb into the house. The ladder isn’t resting on the ground, but is pulled up high and pointing to the sky. It is as if someone is in the house, but doesn’t want others to come up.

With this work the artist tries to raise questions about privacy, comfort and personal space.


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