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Hi! My name is Romi Buggenhout. I’m 23 and a student at Sint-Lucas Antwerp. Currently I’m studying illustration, but I’ve already completed my Master’s degree in graphic design at the Royal Academy
of Fine Arts Antwerp. During my studies I’ve developed a love for both manual and digital techniques and continue to explore the boundaries between those. Due to my father who works with computers, I’ve always been fascinated by technology and the advancements in the field. I like combining the two worlds of artistry and technology to build my works to tell the story I want to convey.

You can check out more of my works on my portfolio here:


instagram: @romibugg


My illustration Through the Static is referencing the need to reach out but not being able to connect entirely through fragmented thoughts. It’s the gathering of and trying to make those thoughts
into cohesion.


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