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Het FOMU is een van de meest prestigieuze en toonaangevende musea voor fotografie in Europa. Als een open huis treden we in dialoog met ons publiek. Het FOMU verzamelt en beheert unieke collecties van fotobeelden, apparatuur en fotoboeken. Het FOMU maakt ambitieuze tentoonstellingen die contextualiseren en verbinden. Het FOMU is ambassadeur van jong talent en gevestigde waarden van eigen bodem. Het FOMU inspireert en verrijkt.

Sarah Stone (U.K. 1994) is based in Antwerp, Belgium and works with photography and collage. The work of Stone shows an attraction to the visually booming elements in her everyday surroundings. Having previously studied Fashion and Design in Amsterdam (2012-2017), the main principles of design took up a role in her photographic work: colour, shape and texture. These are often attuned to her photographic practice. Alongside to this, Stone portrays those that are close to her, in particular her mother and her friends, who are isolated from the everyday, documented in their own environment or using public spaces and landscapes as a backdrop. Stone studied at The Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp in 2022 winning the photography department prize with her project ‘ANNA’ that was centered around her mother among the wild English countryside.

Her photographs have been published in Der Greif and Subbacultcha (now known as Different Class) and self-published books: ‘The End of The Pipeline’ (2021) and ‘ANNA’ (2022) both of which have been acquired by FOMU (Fotomuseum Antwerp) library. Stone has exhibited her collages at Stieglitz19 Gallery (Antwerp) in the group show ‘Collage! Collage! Collage!’ with Vincent Delbrouk and Miriam Tolke (2021) and De Bouwput in Amsterdam (2019).

Soon after her studies she volunteered for six months with the Exhibitions and Magazine department at FOMU . Recently she was selected for .Tiff 2023 alongside nine other photographers who will exhibit their work in a group show at FOMU in June 2023. In line with .Tiff, Stone is part of Futures, a leading platform for photography in Europe. She is currently the assistant for Stieglitz19 gallery and Bruno Devos at Stockmans Printing and Publishing.


A decade is nearing since I departed the United Kingdom, and in those ten years, I have barely reconciled with it. What I left behind, was a dispersed and fragmented family, sheltered in a picturesque landscape. However, years went by, and I found myself dwelling in a field of romanticism. When I returned one summer, I rolled out a series of photographs within a flash. I was struck by all that bathed in the almighty sunshine or under the white moonlight. I was a tourist in my own home. Through the act of photographing, I began to re-connect, not only with the landscape, the language, and the architecture; but most importantly, with my mother, who became my English muse. In an attempt to reconcile with what has been lost to the vanished days, ‘ANNA’ is a woven tapestry that softly and sensitively traces over her past. The camera becomes the thread to embroider with, stitching together moments spent in the company of the woman who raised me, amid the wild English countryside.

The chosen image for ONBOARDS BIENNALE 2023 is a portrait taken from the photograph series ‘ANNA’ (2021-2022).


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