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Shanglie Zhou (BE) is a contemporary artist, poet, philosopher and humanist.

Born in an artistic intellectual family, she started drawing and writing poetry at age 12. She studied art and design and did advanced studies of multimedia-computer art while she was teaching painting at Shanghai University Fine Arts College. Her artworks were engaged in Chinese contemporary art movements and exhibited at museums nationally and internationally. She received national art awards from the National Art Museum of China in Beijing and the Shanghai Art Museum.

In 1991, she left Shanghai to settle in Belgium. She studied at The National Higher Institute of Fine Arts Royal Belgium in Antwerp and was a Researcher in Ghent University. Since then, her drawings, paintings and multimedia works have won prizes internationally. Her multimedia/transmedia installations, drawings, paintings, performances and film videos have been exhibited worldwide.

Her work evolved towards multidimensional interdisciplinary poetic practice, exploring the possibilities offered by space. By using the daily life environment, she challenges/questions the time and space philosophically transposing the fluidity of the artistic creation process into any sphere of society. She breaks out of the traditional workshop mould in favour of a space shared by everyone. To create a work, she prefers starting with the conditions offered by the context itself, inviting the audience to involve in the interactive moments.

Her notable art projects “An Art Project in Your Supermarket – We never know the Distance” in Delhaize-Hippodroom Supermarket in Antwerp, Belgium; “Turbulence, a water project” in the City Swimming-pool Wezenberg in Antwerp; “Moving Collective Global Chains” at ‘Mano Mundo’ international music festival in Boom, Belgium; “When the Moon Waxed Red – experiments with truth and reconciliation” at Oude Politiebureau in Kapellen, FEDASIL centers, Kaaitheater in Brussels; The research project “Weaving Waves 1500-2010” in Verviers region etc.

She is doing research on the interrelationship between art and philosophy in cultures; the interrelationship between art and public spaces, art and science. Her ongoing projects are “With(out) Horizons”, “Contemporary Interplay”, “Urban Liquids”, “Sandscape 206 BC – 2060 AD”, “Walking on the Thin Ice – experiments with truth, justice and reconciliation”, “Tomorrow Sun”, “Incisive Land” etc.

Her global travels are widely engaging with various intercultural dialogues, anthropologic in situ researches on collective minorities, the humanist values of creativity etc.

Through international and European creative humanist art projects, she works with international artists, scholars, architects, scientists, philosophers, students, refugees, children, disables, minorities, audiences, writers sharing her inner voices and bridging universal horizons.

Shanglie is also an artist ambassador of the IYMF, working for European art projects in Belgium, France, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Finland etc.


“What If” is created for the IN TOUCH, ONBOARDS BIENNALE 2023.
“What If” is inviting the viewers into an interactive and creative process without limits. “What If” is paving unknown paths of experience without expectations.
“What If” is sharing the public space with audiences without distance.
“What If” is embracing the diversities without boundaries.
“What If” is interconnecting the creative mind spheres.
“What If” is engaging in social and cultural dialogues.
“What If” is challenging the discovery and rediscovery of co-creation between the artists and public through endless imagination.
“What If” is serving an unlimited process shared with every passer-by or eyes that bypass the way that underlines all possibilities.
“What If” is reaching out to universal minds and transcending human landscapes beyond the horizons.
“What If” is mirroring eternity through time and space visibly and invisibly.
“What If” is opening the way dreaming together on the creative journey.


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