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I’m Sive Cauwenberghs, a photographer and artist. I mainly focus on portrait, documentary and conceptual photography. Through my images I aim to give a voice to the people who usually stay unheard. I want to reveal stories that need to be told and be an ally for those who want to make our world a better place. As an artist I hope my images either bring joy and peace or a sense of belonging or understanding to the viewer.



For this project I got in touch with my Kerry roots, a breathtaking county in the south-west of Ireland. This portrait captures the essence of this unparalleled place: the tight-knit community, the welcoming nature of the people, the beautiful moodiness of the weather and the common love for the ocean. My fondness for South Kerry and the people who live there is embodied in this photograph. It’s not just a home away from home, this place is where I always belonged.


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