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Stephanie Lamoline (1976, Antwerp, BE) is a visual artist based in Brussels, Belgium.
Taking a sculptural approach, her work explores the layers between form and material. Balancing between three dimensional work and the flat image, Lamoline deconstructs recognizable imagery into uncertain representations. One of the guidelines in her creative process is the distinctly plastic treatment of the photographic medium, whereby she tries to explore the line between sculpture and photography. By constantly repeating and reworking her images, by deconstructing and rebuilding them, Lamoline gives herself the freedom of an endless work in progress. This fluid continuum accumulates different ways of seeing, the work keeps on growing and evolving, all in a most playful and lighthearted way.

Lamoline has previously exhibited her works at Emergent (BE), De Warande (BE), Netwerk Aalst (BE), Z33 (BE), Benaki Museum (GR) Photobookweek Aarhus (DK), Photovisa Biennal Krasnodar (RU)
Her book Quatre Mains / Zonder Handen has been selected for various international bookawards and has been exhibited world wide.

She obtained a degree in interior design (1998, Sint Lukas Brussels), received her bachelor’s in jewelry design (2008, Sint Lucas, Antwerp) and recently finished a course in photography at the Academy of Visual Arts, Anderlecht.


After the death of my father, I found a box in his desk, neatly tucked away behind a stock of office supplies. It contained 36 polaroids he had taken as an engineer at various construction sites. These pictures were so enigmatic, I knew right away I had to do something with them. They soon became the starting point for an artistic journey that originated in architecture and transformed into playful sculpture.

I used real and simple objects that I found in my father’s house to create small installations. I wanted to create a dialogue between us and bring together our two lives and both our ways of seeing.
But Is it possible to sustain a a conversation with a deceased person? How do you keep contact with someone who’s already dead?

The image ‘Endless Possibilities of the Difficult / Thunderstruck “ features two rubber gloves found in my father’s garage. They’re worn as protective garment to prevent oneself from being electrocuted. They are connected through a copper tube, which is actually an excellent conductor.


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