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Drawing on found imagery from various sources, including the internet, art, television and film, Vincent Egon’s work makes use of collaging, editing and layering within different mediums, such as video, photography and painting.

By superimposing one layer of representation over the other and using the lan- guage of one medium to create the other, Vincent Egon presents collages that leave the spectator with few clues for an easy identification. Instead, through different layers of possible meanings and media, his work offers another way of looking at the images that are presented to us.

Vincent Egon Verschueren (°1991) studied Philosophy at the University of Ant- werp and Visual Arts at the Sint Lucas University College Antwerp.


Brush Scrub Supervillain is a collage composed from both analog and digital photographs that explores the obsession with opposites like life and death, construction and destruction. The collage depicts the portrait of a face painted with “corpse paint” with its characteristic mouth expression replaced for a bright white smile.

By blending black metal as an ideology obsessed with death and destruction with the obsession for health and constructed beauty in advertised toothpaste smiles, Brush Scrub Supervillain seems to suggest how both sides of the op- posite just might be two sides of the same coin.


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