I am Yihong, a balloon artist and a hat maker based on Florence. My balloon art always connects with the nature, as I considered myself as a Flâneur to explore the uniqueness of a little happiness in modern society. I am fascinated by the combination of my balloon art works with my hat projects which creates a unique mixture of pop art feeling. However, some balloon sculptures seem very conceptual as some of the photographs very melancholic, in which creates a peculiar atmosphere in the context of the contemporary art.


A Fruit Basket? , Balloon, 2023

The context of this photograph is a mixture between pop art feeling, as the balloon sculpture is conceptual, but also the photo itself is somewhat melancholic.

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My Website: oddduckballoon.com

My Balloon Ins: oddduckbrook


My Hat Ins: oddduck_flaneurhats


Email: brookcaiyihong@gmail.com


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