Yuxi Lu is a jewelry master student in Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium. With 6 years of experience in art and crafts, she has developed a sustainable design method, turning ‘trash’ of urban life into ‘treasure’ with technology and craftsmanship. Her work has been exhibited in Gallery Marzee, Munich jewelry week, Dutch Design week and she has received 2nd prize of BKV PRIZE 2023. Yuxi continues to create work that explores the possibilities of sustainable design and invite viewers to change the environmental issue together little by little.

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Material: Cable, Carving, Coloring, Size (L×W×H): 38 x 13.5 x 7cm

Description of the work

What changes has technology brought to our living environments? What is nature now? I set myself to explore the new form of nature by repurposing everyday object.

Electrical cable is the indispensable but easily overlooked object in our daily life, transmitting electricity constantly to provide essential energy to our life. They are buried under the ground, sprawling and transmitting energy to almost everywhere. For me, cable to our everyday life, is the same as what branch is to the leaves. I reshaped the cables into branch-looking wearable pieces by different methods. The confusing visuality and contradicting tactility of the pieces speak about the multivocal definitions of nature in the modern society.

Technical details

I incised the cable and transformed the inner part into ‘wood’ by carving and coloring. The original part on the top with printed code remained, functioning as a connection part. The wire extracted from this cable was designed into the wearing system. A wearer can make a necklace simply by jointing the wire into the original tunnel of the upper part of ‘wood’.


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